2U, Our Program Partner

2U LogoEliminating the back row in higher education is not just a metaphor–it’s 2U’s mission. For more than a decade, 2U, a global leader in education technology, has been a trusted partner and brand steward of great universities. 2U builds, delivers, and supports more than 300 digital and in-person educational offerings, including degrees, professional certificates, Trilogy-powered boot camps, and GetSmarter short courses.

From day one, 2U has always believed that universities are unparalleled engines of social and economic mobility. That’s why partnerships with great institutions of higher learning are central to its model. By combining the world-class faculty, curriculum and teaching from their partners with 2U’s proprietary operating system - 2UOS - and industry-leading expertise in technology, digital marketing, accessibility, privacy, clinical placements, and data architecture, the company is able to jointly build sustainable programs that deliver high quality, life-changing outcomes for learners.

2U also partners with leading companies like LinkedIn to provide valuable education-enhancing benefits to individuals enrolled in 2U-powered programs.

We have partnered with 2U, Inc., to power and support our online program. 2U offers leading colleges and universities the infrastructure to bring programs online, integrating with our systems to create a seamless student experience. 2U partners with other institutions and powers programs in a range of fields.

Through our partnership, 2U provides the following services:


2U powers the Online Campus, which acts as a digital hub for students and faculty. As a student, you will connect to the Online Campus to attend your live classes, complete coursework and meet with classmates and professors outside of class.


You will complete coursework in your program, which is designed and created by your faculty members in conjunction with 2U’s content development team. 2U works closely with professors to help translate their academic vision into compelling content and trains faculty on how to make the most of the online classroom.


Through all its partnerships, 2U amasses data that helps each of its partners find the right students for the right programs. 2U integrates its online application system into its partner systems so that university faculty can easily and efficiently review candidates and make admissions decisions.


2U support teams act as a resource for both faculty and students across the life of a program. From tech support to enrollment assistance to placement services, 2U teams are available to ensure your success.

To learn more about our partnership with 2U, contact an admissions counselor.