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Requesting Tuition Support From Your Employer

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Earning your master’s degree from the USC Price School of Public Policy is an investment in your professional future. To help fund your education, you may rely on support from your employer. If you intend to reach out to your employer for support, consider the tips below.

How Should You Prepare?

Here are a few tips to consider before approaching your employer about funding.

  • Research company policy.
    Your benefits manual or human resources department should have information about your organization’s higher education support policy. Do your research before making your case. Many employers who offer tuition assistance may ask for something in return — for example, continuing to work for the company after graduation, maintaining a certain grade point average or completing progress reports. Make sure the agreement is clear.
  • Know the program.
    It’s important to learn everything you can about the program before approaching your employer. Read up on our curriculum, in-person experiences and tuition so you’re prepared to answer questions and explain how the program can help benefit your career.
  • Prepare to highlight benefits for your organization.
    Your employer will want to know how your continued education will be beneficial for your organization. Here are a few items to mention:
    • The cross-sectoral curriculum.
      In today’s socio-economic landscape, public sector initiatives often require private sector support. Our curricula are designed to help you bridge this gap between sectors and achieve positive outcomes at your organization.
    • An emphasis on leadership.
      Our programs are designed to train executives and high-level strategic thinkers. You will graduate prepared to build and lead cross-disciplinary teams to move your organization forward.
    • A practical skill set:
      Since our master’s programs can be completed online, you can continue working and apply relevant concepts to your job immediately.
  • Plan ahead.
    We recommend completing your application by the early decision deadline to ensure there is enough time to organize your finances and make a strong case for support.
  • Drive action.
    If your employer still has questions after you make your case, let them know they can speak with the USC Price admissions team about the program or application process. It’s also important to be flexible with what your employer can or will offer, as there are other financial support options available to you.

Get Started

If you’re ready to take the next step with your application or you have questions for an admissions counselor, request information today.