Student Support

Student Support

As an online Master of Public Administration student, you have three dedicated individuals working every day to support your success in the program. Each professional fulfills a distinct primary focus, but all are useful to engage with frequently as they will help you navigate our program with greater success.

Office of Academic Programs

Counseling related to academic and administrative policies is provided by the program administrator, Cole Yamada. The Office of Academic Programs is the focal point for the administration of the master’s programs within the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy.

The primary functions of the office include the monitoring of student progress, university compliance and all other student services related to academic programming.

Student Support

Every student will have a dedicated Student Success Advisor (SSA) whose mission is to ensure your success in the program. They are available to answer any questions that you may have, so we courage you to reach out at any time.

You will receive communications from the Student Success team periodically pertaining to topics including new student onboarding support, updated course plans for the program, registration reminders, program check-ins and course information.

For your convenience, here is the Student Success Team’s contact information:

USC Price Student Support
[email protected]

Cohort Coach and Mentorship Program

You will be provided a Cohort Coach, a program alumnus who will serve as your individual “go-to person” and often as a front-line professional mentor. When you have a question, issue or concern, the Cohort Coach is your best resource among our online Trojan community who can point you in the best direction toward both online and on-campus resources.

Your Cohort Coach can assist you with:

Providing resources to manage time between family, work, school and other commitments

  • Developing meaningful relationships through one-on-one coaching, group coaching “hang-outs” and ongoing communication
  • Working with you to clarify and refine personal goals
  • Serving as a sounding board for issues and concerns
  • Referring you to appropriate institutional resources
  • Informing you about activities and learning opportunities available to online students
  • Identifying and sharing resources that will facilitate skill development of academic integrity, professional development and networking
  • Students will be connected with their Cohort Coach prior to beginning the program and in person during the on-campus Professional Residency in Public Administration.

Expect to meet with your cohort coach at least once a month as a group and more often individually. Your coach provides valuable resources, connections to helpful people and communities.

Additional Resources

Career Services

The Price Office of Career Services connects students who are motivated to solve local and global problems with practitioners doing exactly that. By empowering students to navigate career complexity, we help create lifelong, fulfilling careers. Explore career education resources — including internships and job boards — on the Price Career Services website.

Price Office of Career Services
[email protected]