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Learning Objectives

USC Price utilizes various learning objectives to accomplish its mission.
While in the program, students will:

  1. Learn to lead teams that are innovating in planning and development.
  2. Synthesize a range of skills in a multi-disciplinary team from a leadership perspective.
  3. Understand the interlocking themes that influence the success of plans and projects in modern cities.
  4. Understand the local, neighborhood, city and regional contexts of projects.
  5. Obtain enhanced skills in finance, project management, economic analysis, urban design, demographic analysis and data visualization.
  6. Build enriched project experience with attention to matters of politics and implementation — including project definition, collaboration and participation among diverse or competing actors, and ethical considerations — in a real-world setting guided by well-known academics and established professionals.




In-person Intensives

The core of the EMUP program revolves around the connected themes of urban economics, citizen participation and governance; urban design and site analysis; and data analytics and visualization. The EMUP program does not train experts narrowly in any of those three areas. Instead, the program will develop professionals who will be leaders in fields where the interplay of those themes is essential to private sector development, public sector planning and policy, and the goals of non-profit entities.

EMUP directly bridges the gap between urban-planning goals and the objectives and constraints of effective real estate development.

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Intensive Requirement

The concept of community is an essential part of urban planning, so USC Price seeks to foster a learning community for online students through two separate four-day intensives on the USC University Park Campus in Los Angeles that take place at the end of fall and spring semester. The intensives are incorporated into the EMUP curriculum to allow students to build hands-on skills and network with peers and faculty in person.

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