Course Descriptions

Course Descriptions

The online Executive Master of Urban Planning curriculum comprises 19 core course units, four intensive course units, and one capstone unit. Fully employed professionals can complete the degree in 15–16 months (four consecutive semesters).

Core Courses (19 Units)

PLUS 660: Economics of a Productive Development (3 Units)
Introduction to the economic and financial aspects of real estate development, tools and methods of financial analysis, and public and private perspectives.

PLUS 661: Politics and Processes of Urban Development (2 Units)
Introduction to concepts of formal and informal political institutions with a focus on planning and urban issues at the local, state and national levels as well as theories and methods to understand contemporary planning conflicts.

PLUS 664: Urban Political Economy and Urban Development (2 Units)
Planning and development within a complex political landscape; budgetary and fiscal politics, metropolitan fragmentation and sub urbanization, immigration, and race, gender, and ethnicity in urban politics; and implications for planning and development.

PLUS 665: Economics for a Productive City (3 Units)
Basic concepts of urban and land economics with an emphasis on how planning and development are shaped by the metropolitan economic context and of how key theoretical elements inform planning and development questions.

PLUS 667: Effective Engagement With Stakeholders (3 Units)
Approaches and challenges to community engagement, different conceptualizations of citizen microscale forum and macro-scale methods, and use of media for participation in communities.

PLUS 668: Big Data for Planning and Development (2 Units)
Introduction to data and visualization trends in relation to urban planning and development and training leaders to manage teams while leveraging data and information technology resources.

PLUS 671: Leading a Collaborative City (4 Units)
Leadership skills for planning and development; cross-sectoral collaboration, negotiation and theories of organizational leadership; and metrics for performance assessment, project management and team building in organizations.

On-Campus 4-Day Intensive Courses (4 Units)

PLUS 662: Planning and Development Case Study (1 Unit)
Case study project: students analyze a project and develop recommendations for financing and regulatory issues.

PLUS 663: Designing Livable Environments I (1 Unit)
Studio setting: students will go through a design charrette, site visit and develop an understanding of design principles.

PLUS 669: Designing Livable Environments 2 (1 Unit)
Studio setting: students will go through a design charrette, site visit and develop a further understanding of design principles.

PLUS 670: Communicating Data for Planning and Development (1 Unit)
Methods and techniques for data visualization, application to planning and development contexts, and critical assessment of data presentation approaches and methods.

Capstone Project (1 unit)

PLUS 672: Integrating Concepts for Action (1 Unit)
Research a planning and development topic; capstone project.